Are you facing any problems working with your Apple Mail? Do you need help activating your iCloud Account via your MacBook or your iPhone? Are you having problems with upgrading to iOS6 or have questions regarding the new iOS7 upgrade?
Whether you want these questions answered or you wish to get a range of other support for the optimum use of your apple product, we are the right people to get in touch with.

Our team of qualified, certified and experienced technicians is able to provide to all Apple users around the world support services that help ensure that you maximize the use of your investment.

What we offer at Apple Support Desk
  • Assistance for dual booting on your Mac Device
  • Help in using applications such as the iTunes App Store, Apple Mail etc. If our iTunes has stopped checking for application updates, or if you are facing trouble downloading new apps, we at Apple Support Desk have all your answers.
  • Assistance in backing up your data on iCloud to avoid risk of losing precious information due to hardware problems.
  • We also provide assistance in regards to transferring data from your Mac to other devices.
  • Our technicians are also qualified to provide clients with the use of the iMac G3, G4 and G5 among many other apple products that have revolutionized the way we access information, communicate and entertain ourselves.
  • Assistance in resetting your factory settings on any of your Apple devices
  • Protection against malware and other risks that Apple is vulnerable to

Our comprehensive remote tech support services are only a phone call away. What�s even more convenient is the fact that you can also get in touch with our technicians online, through chat or through email. This way you will be sure of receiving real-time support irrespective of whether you are on a holiday, in your office or at home.

Our team of Apple Support technicians is experienced to deal with all products of the range including the latest model of the iPhone, iPad, iPod that works on any iOS version. Our team is also able to effectively provide you with support for bundled and non-bundled apple software as well as support for Mac or Mac OS X devices.

For more information on how we can help you use your Apple devices seamlessly, get in touch with us on email or call us!
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